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Old Man Winter is creeping up on us again, with chilly nights and cool days. In addition to getting your jacket out of the closet and sending your coat off to the dry cleaner’s, wintertime means it’s time once more to fight the neverending battle between the cold and your car. Over the years, we’ve run across a few wintertime car hacks that actually work, and we’ve put them together here for you below. Try a few of them and see if your mileage on these is the same as ours. And if you need a new or used vehicle to see you through the winter, stop in today at McLarty Daniel Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram Fiat of Springdale, where our selection is great, our deals are unbeatable, and our service after the sale will make you a customer for life.

1. TREAT YOUR WINDSHIELD AND EXTERIOR MIRRORS WITH SHAVING CREAM: When it’s damp and cold out, as it often is in Arkansas in the wintertime, nothing can be more frustrating than having your windshield and mirrors fog up just when you need them most. But you can help out your heater with the same trick your dad used to keep his shaving mirror fog free: Coat them with a thin layer of cheap shaving cream, then wipe them clean with a soft, dry cloth. Containing some of the same ingredients as much more expensive defogging compounds, shaving cream wipes away clean and streak-free, and will keep your windows and mirrors from going foggy for up to a month.

2. WRAP YOUR CAR’S SIDE MIRRORS IN PLASTIC BAGS: A lot of us don’t own a heated garage, and in the wintertime, that can mean frost or ice on your windows and mirrors. We’ve got a few tips to help out with the windows, so read on for those, but when it comes to the mirrors, a great trick is: when you know there’s frost or ice forecast, put two plastic shopping bags over your mirrors and secure them with a rubber band. When you’re ready to drive, take the bags off and you’re ready to go, with clear, ice-free mirrors.

3. IF WINTER PRECIPITATION IS FORECAST, SHIELD YOUR WINDSHIELD: We get a fair amount of snow and ice in the winter here in Northwest Arkansas, and nothing is worse on a cold, snowy morning than coming out of the house knowing that you’re going to have to use a scraper or scoop to uncover your windshield before you can drive away. That can be remedied, however, with an ounce of prevention, in the form of an old rug or two over the windshield whenever winter weather is forecast. When the snow or ice flies, just go out the next morning and flip the rugs off, for a clear windshield without the scraping and shoveling.

4. KEEP AN EXTRA KEY HANDY: Nobody likes sitting in a freezing car, waiting for it to warm up or defrost the windshield on a chilly morning, but you may be wisely reluctant to leave your very expensive vehicle running in the driveway to warm up while you stay toasty inside the house. Criminals are wily suckers, and thefts of cars left to warm up on cold days are on the rise.Remedy that problem by keeping your extra car key handy. That way, on a chilly morning, you can go out, start your car, turn the defroster on blast, and then lock your running car with the extra key before retreating into the house to wait for it to get toasty.

5. PARK YOUR CAR FACING EAST: A lot of people have no choice on where they park their car, but if you do, try to make sure to park with the grille facing east. This isn’t some kind of weird ritual, just common sense: when the sun comes up, it’ll hit your windshield first, and even that little bit of warmth will give you a leg up when trying to scrape away frost, frozen slush or ice.

6. MAKE YOUR OWN DE-ICING FLUID: Trying to de-ice your windshield on a cold morning is a chore that nobody looks forward to, but here’s a hack that can take most of the work out of it. Make a bottle of de-icing fluid with just two very cheap ingredients: a cup of water and a cup of clear isopropyl alcohol or high-proof vodka. Pour both ingredients into a spray bottle and keep the bottle in your warm house. When it’s time to go scrape, just shake the bottle well and spray the windshield down with the mixture. Then it’s just a matter of watching while Jack Frost releases his deathly grip on your windshield. From there, you can scrape away the semi-frozen slush with much less elbow grease.

Yeah, winter is here, but that doesn’t mean you have to suffer through it! With these tips, you can own winter and make your winter driving adventures easier, safer and more enjoyable. And if you need a new or used car with a really great heater — or even heated seats! Yay! — stop in today at McLarty Daniel CDJRF of Springdale, where our deals are unbeatable and our service will make you a customer for life! Come see us.


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