How to Hack Your Jeep Wrangler – Part One

January 14th, 2022 by

Owning a Jeep doesn’t only make you a Jeep owner, it makes you a part of the Jeep nation. When you’re driving your Wrangler down the road and you see another Jeep, it’s not just a regular passing. That person gets your attention, your wave and your respect. How about adding a few more tricks to your toolbox though? Next time you see your friend you can give them a wave and some super cool Jeep hacks to help them down the road or on the trail.

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The first Jeep hack is for those who like to get a little mud on their tires. If you look at your Wrangler floor mats you’ll realize that they’re just carpet. But, if you flip the floor mats over, you get nice vinyl (:30 – :47). This is huge for cleaning your Jeep. Tell your friends, your significant other or even your dog to come on in. You’re not afraid of a little mud! This is a big hack because the purchase price of vinyl floor mats can cost up to $200. Big save. 

The second Jeep hack has to do with your rear view. You’ll notice on your rearview mirror that the bottom of the mirror is wider than the top. If you flip your mirror upside down, a 180-degree rotation, it opens up your line of sight (:10 – :43). This is especially nice because the third brake light and the spare tire on the back door are right in the middle of your line of sight. If you can widen that rear view you’re that much safer on the trail. This hack can help you eliminate worry and extra trips to the body shop.

If you’d like to hear more Jeep Wrangler hacks, stay tuned to our blog because we’ll be bringing you more! Or, contact your friends at McLarty Daniel Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram Fiat in Springdale, Arkansas. We love tips, tricks and hacks. Anything to help improve your adventures.

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