How to Hack Your Jeep – Part 2 | Hard Top Hoists

May 12th, 2022 by

Hacks, tips and tricks videos can sometimes be lifesavers. No matter how we do things, it seems that someone out there has created an easier, more efficient way of doing it. Hacks for Jeeps are no exception. There’s a lot you can do with, and to, a Jeep so we’ve created a blog series on how to hack your Jeep. For part two we’re going to focus on DIY methods for removing your hardtop because we at McLarty Daniel Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram Fiat in Springdale, Arkansas know how helpful these hacks would be for you this summer. Make sure you check out our part one blog on how to hack your Jeep for more ideas on how to make Jeep life a little easier.

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It can get very frustrating and time-consuming trying to remove your Jeep’s hard top. Most of the time, it’s a last-minute decision you and your partner make when getting ready to leave the house. You’re all loaded up and ready to hit the lake when you realize how awesome it would be to remove the top for the day. To make it a little easier we’ve found two different techniques that allow you to do just that, but in ways that are inexpensive. 

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The first method is for a DIY Jeep hard top hoist. This method can be done inside the garage or under a carport. It requires four basic hooks for your ceiling and four Cam Buckle Straps. You can also use ratchet straps but it’s quicker and easier to use Cam Buckles. First, remove all the bolts allowing your hard top to release. Second, hook your Cam Buckles to your hard top. Third, pull the straps on the buckles. Last, pull away. It’s that easy and you can get this whole setup for $20 or less. 


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The next method is also used indoors or in a carport but it’s a DIY electric hoist system. This method is a bit more pricey but it makes this task extremely easy. For this, you can either mount your electric hoist to the ceiling or you can mount it in the attic connecting it to the joists above where you plan on storing your hard top. If you choose to mount it in the attic, you can cut a hole in the drywall running the hook through for access. Next, any type of strap or tow strap works. You just need something you can run through your hard top that can attach to the hook on your electric hoist. Run the straps through your hard top, hook the straps to your hoist, raise your hard top with the hoist controller then you’re on your way. Quick and easy.


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The ability to learn hacks and tricks from others has become easier today than ever before. All we have to do is search for the information and someone has either found a way to make it easier or more cost-efficient. We love finding ideas for our customers to make their lives easier and if we can save them money, great! If you’d like to hear more Jeep Wrangler hacks, stay tuned to our blog because we’ll be bringing you more! Or, contact your friends at McLarty Daniel Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram Fiat in Springdale, Arkansas.

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