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It’s Halloween season, a wonderful time of cooler weather and leaves changing colors, both signs that Halloween is just around the corner. With Halloween comes a few fun tricks, but a lot of treats, including hayrides, carnivals, and fun times with the family, especially here at McLarty Daniel Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram of Springdale.  This is also the season of ghost stories, tales of otherworldly happenings, and reminders of the places we usually keep away from, like old cemeteries. A cemetery is a place of peace and rest, but there are a few in Arkansas that have “a life” of their own. Here is a small list of legendary cemeteries throughout the Natural State, Arkansas. If you are brave enough to visit these spooky spots and need a new or preowned vehicle to get you out of there in a hurry, come visit your friends at McLarty Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram of Springdale. Let us assist you with personable customer service and quality vehicles. Have a safe and fun Halloween.




Even though it has been closed for decades, China Grove Cemetery is still visited by ghost hunters. The old cemetery is located on a narrow abandoned dirt road, gated off, just off of South Alexander Road in Saline County. The last burial there was in the early 1970’s. China Grove Cemetery is not like the traditional large graveyard, but splintered up into pieces here and there in the wooded area. China Grove has had a reputation for decades as being a hot spot for paranormal activity and dark local legends. Some witnesses say that as you approach the old metal gate at the end of the dirt road leading to the cemetery, your vehicle headlights will start to flicker, and the car radio will go silent or only pick up static. For years, there had been sightings of a white dog with cold blue eyes at the gate, with the dog appearing transparent when the beam of a flashlight hits it. Another legend about the abandoned cemetery is that the headstones dotting the dark woods sometimes glow, with the glow moving along behind you as you travel to get to the cemetery. There is also the distraught phantom woman carrying a crying baby. Some say she will approach, trying to give you her baby. Purportedly, if you take her offering, the bundle is not a baby but a gravestone that automatically weighs you down to the ground, and you cannot get out from under it.




After the fall of Fort Smith to Union forces during the Civil War, the old post burial spot was elevated to the status of national cemetery in 1867. The Fort Smith National Cemetery is a peaceful and dignified place of final rest… for most. Some have reported sightings of a ghostly funeral procession, the participants decked out in turn-of-the-century clothing. Throughout the years, Visitors to the cemetery have heard disembodied-voices singing old hymnals like a choir. Others say the ghost of a caparisoned horse will appear, slowly being lead by a phantom Civil War soldier towards the back of the cemetery.  At night, there have been sightings of bright orbs changing color at a rapid rate, which then just disappear, and on some evenings, the sound of wagons resonates throughout the cemetery.  



Batesville, Arkansas

Liberty Baptist Church is a sleepy country church located just outside the city of Batesville. Families in the area have been members of this church for years, and it has been an integral part of the community for decades. Yet many say it is the most haunted area in Independence County, Arkansas. In the older part of the church itself, witnesses have reported seeing an elderly woman in the windows, either gazing out through the glass or rocking in a rocking chair mid-air.  The dirt road entrance into the cemetery is purportedly haunted by the ghost of a young woman who was murdered in the early 1900’s, put to rest in the cemetery a century ago, but still pacing up and down the dirt road looking for her kin to visit. Throughout the years, visitors, ghosthunters, and the curious have captured the ghostly image of a young boy in their photos, and the disembodied sounds of a child’s laughter can be heard throughout the cemetery during the fall months. 

Are you in the Halloween spirit yet? We surely hope so! It’s fun to tell spooky ghost stories to get the blood pumping. Your friends at McLarty Daniel Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram of Springdale are getting pumped about the new 2020 models that will be hitting our showroom floors soon. Come visit and test drive a 2020 model or one of our quality pre-owned vehicles. From your friends at McLarty Daniel Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram, have a safe and Happy Halloween!