Songland and Jeep create Summer Competition

August 27th, 2019 by

If you’re a fan of television, odds are high that you’ve heard of the new hit show Songland. Songland, an NBC original show, offers contestants the opportunity to write original songs for award-winning performing artists. With a chance to be the creative genius behind an artists’ next big hit, Songland has featured some of the hottest competition of the summer. 

The marketing team at FCA (Fiat Chrysler Automobiles) saw just how successful Songland was becoming and decided they wanted to make one aspiring songwriters’ dreams come true. FCA teamed up with NBC and the two created a challenge for each contestant to write a song specifically catered toward a Jeep commercial. 

Katelyn Tarver poured her heart and soul into her song, “Young,” ultimately winning over the judges and securing the chance to team up with Jeep and award-winning, Nashville band Old Dominion.

Click here to listen to “Young”

“Young” doesn’t just speak to the feeling of freedom and Americana that Jeep is known for. It brings about feelings of youthful joy and a strong sense of adventure that parallels Tarver’s journey through the music industry. The power of storytelling captivates us and Jeep wanted nothing short of an emotional journey for an anonymous songwriter to add another notch to their youthful belt. Tarver also had the opportunity to appear in the music video, providing even more emotional ties with her brainchild, “Young.”

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